“Your Trusted Legal Representative”

One of the most complex areas for any business to get to grips with is Law Compliance. Our expertise in Business Law Compliance knowledge can significantly risks and hardships of confronting local bureaucracy as well as the absent of an existing HR department or can act as reliable bacl( up for business with existing HR department. EBM License & HWLegal Advices Ser­ vices include:

  • New Company Registration
  • Renew License
  • Closing Company
  • Local & Expatriate Work Permit


“Connecting Talent with Opportunity”

Our personalized Recruitment process saves time, promotes growth, reduces onboarding, and ensures that when present our shortlist for interview with the client representative, we are providing the best candidates for the job.

People are not your most important asset, but TALENTS are. Our greatest assets are our extensive local network of professional candidates, plus big database of ten thousands of applications and executive search headhunting.


“Maximize Your Core Business with HR Outsourcing”

The HR department is an essential part of any business, but when HR personnel don’t have time, space or resources to tackle every aspect of their department, the entire business may suffer. We want our clients to relax and focus on their core business, and not worry about the development process. So EBM HR­ Outsourcing Services will assist our clients in doing these:

  • HR Unit Outsourcing
  • Recruitment for Permanent and Temporary Employees
  • Efficient Payroll and Benefit Administration


“Reliable Quality for Small and Medium Businesses”

This accounting and tax service was established for small and medium businesses. The main feature of this service is to provide specialized taxation and accounting services in accordance with local laws, and our team always bears in mind to maximize benefits of our clients. We help our clients to cut down the tax bureaucracy by represent them to deal with tax official and tax auditor. EBM Accounting & Tax Services include:

  • Monthly Tax Declaration
  • Annual Tax Declaration
  • Comprehensive Accounting Reports
  • Efficient Bookkeeping


“Unlocking Your Potential in a Competitive Market”

We don’t simply wish to help you find a job for the short-term but rather a job that will contribute to your long term career de­ velopment. We will endeavor to find you the types of roles in the kind of companies that match your skills, experience and future plans.


Make sure you don’t miss out on your next opportunity, email your CV to and our recruitment consultants will be in touch.


“Fulfill Your Potential with Personalized Training”

We tailor the classes to a specific need and level. We develop course content which is continually updated by experience gained from client feedback. EBM Skill Training and Development Services include :

  • Career Training and Development
  • Language Training (Khmer language for foreigners)

Let us empower you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in your chosen path. Whether you seek professional growth or language proficiency, we are here to support your journey toward success.

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